Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Party Time!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have a friend who does those Home Party Sex Toy things. Y'know the one where "The girls" get together for cosmos and laugh while trying to figure out what kinds of crazy and sexual words everyone can come up with for all the letters in Cindy's name. All while some lady (a distant acquaintance of Betty) tries to pedal off vibrators and elaborately flavored lubes.

Actually, it sounds kind of fun.

My mom's gone the various make up/skin care routes and is now doing Princess House so the concept of the home parties thing isn't entirely unknown to me. I'm starting to consider looking into it. I love talking about sex and girl I can sell a vibrator like nobody's business. At least I'm sure I'd be able to.

The Little (Wannabe) Sex Worker Who Could

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amnesty For Long Island Sex Workers

Another reason why we need to decriminalize sex work in America.

So far up to 10 women have been murdered by a serial killer(s) in the Long Island area targeting prostitutes. To a big part of American society, these women were dispensable. Whores who lived in the shadows who knew what could happen to them. Wrong. They were human beings. Friends, sisters, daughters, mothers, and so many more things.

Along with decriminalizing sex workers, we need to remember that sex workers are people too. They aren't dispensable and they deserve to be treated as actual humans. Their murders need to be solved and treated with the same importance as anyone else's murder.

The Police Commissioner of Suffolk County has asked for anyone in the sex industry who might have information to step forward. However, sex workers working in an illegal industry have no guarantee that if they come forward they won't be prosecuted for illegal sex work. The Red Umbrella Project is calling for those in the Suffolk County area to contact the office of the Suffolk County Police Commissioner and District Attorney and demand that amnesty be granted to sex workers allowing them to freely step forward to help solve these murders.

These sample letters come from the Red Umbrella Project website:

Here is a sample letter, which can be emailed to and

Dear Commissioner Dormer and District Attorney Spota,

I am a sex worker / ally to sex workers who lives in Suffolk County / the greater New York City area and I am writing to express concerns my community has about the lack of protection police are offering to sex workers. During this time of extreme anxiety following the discovery of the remains of at least 10 people, it is important for you to extend goodwill to our community.

We appreciate that you have invited sex workers to come forward with information that may help in the investigation of these crimes, but we are requesting that you formally establish amnesty for prostitution related offenses until the killer has been apprehended. Declaring amnesty would go a long way in demonstrating that the police are serious about prioritizing the lives of sex workers.

Organizational affiliation (if any)
City/state/zip code

Sample phone script - you can call (631) 852-2677 (SCPD) and (631) 852 – 2575 (DA’s Homicide Bureau):

Hello, I am a sex worker / ally to sex workers who lives in Suffolk County / the greater New York City area. I am calling to request that DA Spota formally establish amnesty for prostitution related offenses until the serial killer is apprehended. If the police motto is to protect and serve, you must work harder to extend this to sex workers.

I am also, with my modest blog, urging those in the area to get involved. If you're not in the immediate areas you can still do your part by spreading the word and educating those around you.


The Red Umbrella Project

Thursday, April 14, 2011


"Let's set a goal that in two years we'll only be able to talk dirty to each other in French."

That's what Jason said to me during a conversation about the French we used to know (grew up learning it but lost it when my parents divorced) and our shared desire to pick up the language again. I have to admit, it's an excellent incentive. Of course this is also where my mind runs away from me and I imagine leading him on an elaborate treasure hunt with little cards with phrases or words in French which would lead him to his next clue or destination. Érotique, non?

Anyway, I'm working through Livemocha, old French textbooks and every Audrey Tautou film I can find to get as much re-exposure to the language as I can get. My Facebook is in french and I'm even considering buying a few french cookbooks. Learn french and how to cook. I'll be a domestic Goddess in no time! (Me? Yeah right!)

At the very least I'll be on my path to being the multilingual diva I've always wanted to be. Knowledge is sexy and who doesn't want to be seduced by a french maid who actually speaks French?

Oh la la!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Things That Make Your Goddess Happy

In addition to regular whoredom I'm also an admitted fashion whore. At a party earlier this year I saw an incredible girl in a green vinyl corset and accompanying petal skirt. The shine of the green was so alluring and the short leaflike petals of the skirt were just long enough to leave you yearning for more. I immediately wanted two things:

1. To fuck her senseless.

2. To run off with her outfit for my own devilish purposes.

Naked is sexy but clothing can me too. In fact, a $50 Amazon gift card from a very lovely friend has me one step closer to a fashion item I've long been coveting.

The ballet heel.

Non ballet ladies, if you think your heels kill your feet, don't ever dance en pointe. Ballet heels take the beauty (and sexiness if you're turned on by ballet like I am) of pointe shoes and turn the sex and kink dials up to 11. The come in all sort of styles ranging from ankle length to thigh high but the uniting factor is the roughly 7 inch heel that puts wearers on the tips of their toes.

Sex. Pure, erotic sex.

They also play into one of my favorite fantasies. I've always walked on my toes. When I was younger I'd always break in new shoes by walking on the tips. Pointe shoes are some of my favorite things ever. I also have quite the Domme streak. I've never had a slave or a sub but I've always loved the idea of locking up my sub and leaving to go run errands in a sex latex outfit and, you guessed it, ballet heels. The idea of going out while everyone stares and knows I'm up to no good thrills me. Knowing that there's someone back home completely dependent on me is thrilling as well.

Basically, I'd wear those fucking shoes any and every chance I have. If you've got it flaunt it.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I'm not "better than that"

I talked to Jason about my desire to do sex work. He was less than enthusiastic.

"I would be uncomfortable with're better than that."

Am I? No, it's not a self esteem thing. It's the fact that that statement insinuates that those involved in sex work are lesser people. I find nothing about my desire to do sex work lowering or degrading. I'm an intelligent, college educated woman who is already planning out her 2nd degree. If anything, I'd be proud to do sex work because I'm working to break the stereotype that all sex workers were abused growing up and were forced into the industry by men or financial situations. Yes, there are women forced into it by circumstances and it's certainly not something I think is right. A person should be allowed to go into whatever occupation one wants without coercion or shame. It's exactly what I want too, the ability to pursue sex work without people telling me I'm lowering myself of immediately assuming I'm "broken".

It's something I'm trying to help Jason to understand. I get the uncomfortable thing, that was expected. I just want him to at least realize that I'm not lowering myself by wanting to do this. We're both very sex positive people and he's had no issue prior with other people seeing my body.

Will he come around and be ok with my desire to cam? Maybe, maybe not. However, if I can at least get him to see things from my side and realize the people involved in this industry are just as valid and worthwhile as any other person in the world, I'll be happy.