Friday, June 24, 2011

I had to laugh

I know I have a lot of fun things to catch you lovelies up on but most of that will have to wait until your lovely Goddess is home again.

This post is inspired by events that happened about 20 minutes ago between myself an a former friend on good ol' Facebook. Now you all know that I'm no stranger to sex and sexuality so it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone that I'd post an article like "Masturbation! Why You Should Be Getting It On With Yourself".

Apparently, this woman was new. Now, the post isn't mean or anything like that, I'm just wondering how someone would be following me and not get that I'm a sexual creature.

Hey, I thought that post was nasty and lude. I removed it because I didn't want my kids knowing what "masterbation" was. Remove me if you wish, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't put up nasty posts

Maybe it's my crazy sexually liberated ways but what is it about masturbation that makes everyone think it's so "nasty" and "lude"? It's pleasurable and if she had taken the time to read the article she might have learned that it's even healthy. Now, I understand that many parents don't want their children learning about sex, especially from some random stranger on the internet. I don't know the ages of her kids but at one point or another they're going to learn about masturbation. Hell, most infants and toddlers already have it down. Kids touch everything at that age and dammit, if it feels good they're going to keep doing it. Of course most parents scar their kids into shame by severely scolding them and telling them how dirty and wrong masturbation is when really, it's one of the most fucking natural things there is. (Un)Surprisingly, these are also the kinds of people who find no issue with sitting their children down in front of the most violent video games and tv shows they can find.


The real amusing/disturbing thing though is how she can't even type the word masturbation without having to put it in quotations. Like it's some mythical beast that is contained and therefore not real if only she can keep it in the boundaries of the quotations. We're all adults here. We don't need to be afraid of a little masturbation. In fact, I'd really recommend it for all those in the world who vehemently abhor masturbation.

Call in sick, take a hot shower, get a drink and relax. It's just sex.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tell-all Escort: For the (non-squeamish) ladies who want to have un...

The Tell-all Escort: For the (non-squeamish) ladies who want to have un...: "Someone asked me on Facebook  if I ever started my period unexpectedly just before an appointment and if so how I handled the situation; if ..."

Sharing this because women, you need to know that there are better options than the pad and tampon. Especially where sex is concerned.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Reading Materials

Hello loves,

I apologize for my absence. Yours truly has been off exploring England. So far it's consisted of lots of chocolate, walking, and sex. It's a terrible existence. I leave for Paris tomorrow. I'm expecting even more chocolate, walking, and sex in addition to gorgeous lingerie and crêpes.

I wanted to pop in an let you all know what I've been reading of late. I started devouring Whores And Other Feminists a few months ago but was unfortunately unable to finish it. A quick trip to the local library remedied it for me. Although a tad dated, Whores is still an excellent collection of articles and interviewers from sex workers and female pioneers in the sex industry on what it is to be a sex worker and feminist. Published back in 1997, women have come a long way but the relevance of so many of the articles proves that we still have so far to go. This book is incredibly empowering and I recommend it to anyone, female or male, sex worker or not.

Take care darlings. And drink your tea. It's good for you. x