Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello New Role Model

Ines de la Fressange | 53, French Chic & Divinely Delicious

I've found a new role model. She's stylish, sexy and 53. Ines de la Fressange is the face of France and a former Chanel model. She also has the benefit of being from a country the actually allows women to be age gracefully instead of forcing them to fit into early 20-something molds. I have two articles posted here and both are worth reading. If they don't convince you to leave the botox and worrying for someone else, just check out her banging body. Fifty. Three.

Here are some choice quotes:

Dove’s Global Beauty Study validated that French women believe they “peak” at 45, versus American women saying they “peak” at 25.

Please note that these answers were given by women, and not by men evaluating women.

45. Not 25, 45. I completely agree too. How depressing is it to think that you've peaked so young in your life? I'm 3 years away from 25 and no way in hell am I peaking then. I'm still learning and what's the point in getting older and wiser if you can't be putting it to good use. If we all peaked at thirty we should just go on and be dead by 30. Fuck that shit! Your 20's are for making mistakes and finding out who you are. You're supposed to use all those lessons later on!

There’s a reason why French women spend 20-25% of their apparel dollars on lingerie.

I cannot stress the importance of sexy lingerie. Women deserve to feel like sex goddesses. When you feel sexy, it does wonders for your confidence which in turn affects so many aspects of your life.

What I do know is that French women have more sex at every age than American women, and I believe our self-perceptions and state of physical health have a lot to do with these differences.

Yes! Seriously, you're never too old to have sex. Flying solo? Invest in some good sex toys. I really think a good vibrator is more of a necessity and less of something you can do without. A good orgasm is far cheaper than botox.

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