Thursday, September 27, 2012

Librarian Chic

I got some new socks for my pretty little feet!


Happens far to often. If you like webcomics and sex but have never read OGLAF, shame on you! Head to the website and fix this now!

In other news, partner is gone for a few weeks so I'm quite literally up to my own devices. This should be exciting.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The curse of the dying vibrators.

For being named after a goddess the rest of the forces in the Verse have chosen to conspire against me. I am not amused.

Since my last post I have procured a few new vibrators. A few new vibrators that I really liked. A few new vibrators that I really liked that I made sure to take great care of. A few new vibrators that I really liked that I made sure to take great care of that are all now dead.

Of course the one died just days after the return day for malfunctions too. Don't try to deny me pleasure like that. It doesn't end well.

In other, much happier news, this weeks Oglaf is wonderful and if you're not following it, consider it my order that you go through and read through them all this weekend. Don't disappoint me.

Speaking of slut viruses, I've been insatiable this week. I've been having some nice and specific cravings as well. I've been dying to have a sexy brunette woman in my bed to fuck with my strap on. I also want her bound in my jewel tone blue rope while I deliver my own special brand of punishment and see just how many ways I can make her squirm.

Universe, deliver this to me.

Friday, April 6, 2012

All my vibrators are dead.

I'm not sure who I pissed off to deserve this but I am very sorry and I promise the chances of me doing it again are slightly reduced.

I'm not sure why I have such awful luck with vibrators. I'm hoping that for the one that just died today that it's only that the connector is flattened a bit. Whatever. I need to buy some new toys anyway.

What I really have my eye on right now is the Sasha Grey Swell Wand.

Not only is it gorgeous but it's glass which I am very much a fan of. Unfortunately it's sold out on Eden Fantasys so I have to wait a little bit longer. The news that makes me your happy Mistress though is that All orders on there today get a free finger vibe. Guess who's absolutely getting some new toys today.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Those who know me

Those who know me know that I'm very eagerly (and not to patiently) awaiting the new Avengers movie due out in May.

Screw letting him rule. I'd get him on his knees and eating me out in nothing but that helmet of his.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 5

5. Sexuality/experiences with members of the same sex.

Oh that history could be long. I'll try to keep it brief though. Courtney was the first girl I was ever with. In high school. I had a huge crush on her but at the time was far too shy to say anything. I did eventually work up the nerve to tell her I liked her and we were actually together for a while. Things were pretty standard after that, a handful of boy and girlfriends. As kink goes, I'll always remember my first time doing anything Domme-y with a woman. I was at a play party but really wasn't feeling things that night. My friend Sean knew just thing thing to pick me up. "I know what you need. I'll find you a nice girl to spank." Ten minutes later he returned with a voluptuous woman in a blue latex dress and her Master. It all took off from there. I learned that I love doing scenes with women and try to do them frequently!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mimi's BDSM Bloggery: Irreverent Shirts

Mimi's BDSM Bloggery: Irreverent Shirts: I just found this site through FetLife ads today and LOVE IT! I plan to order a few shirts from them when we have the ...

I might definitely need to get the "kilt lifter" shirt when I go up north for Irish Fest.

Your bitch is back.

I know you've noticed I've been gone for a while. There have been a lot of things going on in my personal life including some family emergencies and surgeries. Never fear though, all is well.

There's some fun stuff I'm considering for the future but you're all going to have to wait for it. Just know...wonderful things. I'll at least muse about it in a future post. For today it's going to be fun and light.

I tend to think mindless when I think of tv but Sherlock is one of the wonderful exceptions. It's engaging, sexy, and doesn't dumb down for the audience. All a good lover should be if you ask me. Last month on New Years Day it finally came back after a year and a half long hiatus and oh did it come back. The first episode of series 2 gave us BBC's interpretation of Irene Adler. Let me tell you this, I'm not sure if more of me wants to be Irene Adler or to have her.

In the BBC Sherlock, Irene Adler is a very famous Pro Domme. The initial scandal comes from a series of photographs that Adler has of her dominating a certain female member of royalty. She's intelligent, powerful and incredibly sexy. Sherlock's match if there ever was one. Thankfully this episode doesn't take on a full out Sherlock and Irene romance. Sherlock has no interest in such things and Irene Adler is gay. This is something I loved seeing as a bisexual woman. I love menfolk full and well but there is something extra special about having another woman under your dominion. If I ever went Pro I'd love to cater to mostly women with a number of extra special men whom I'd adore to have serve me. But I do digress.

Irene Adler is The Woman not just professionally but because she is the only woman to get the better of Sherlock. We have her to thank for this delicious little piece:
Right where he should be.

My only complaint is with the writing at the end of the episode. Sherlock beats her. There's just something so wrong about seeing him get the upperhand and figure out her game. I guess it's the same tv formula that the hero always takes down the bad villain. Shame.

I'm going to hold out hope that they bring her back in the 3rd series (or if they have a 4th one I'd settle for that). It'll be interesting seeing who she's become in light of what happened at the end of Scandal. Either way, it was nice seeing a Domme who wasn't portrayed as a complete stereotype.

If you haven't checked out Sherlock yet make sure you do it soon. In fact, make it a nice little assignment from me.