Tuesday, February 7, 2012

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 5

5. Sexuality/experiences with members of the same sex.

Oh that history could be long. I'll try to keep it brief though. Courtney was the first girl I was ever with. In high school. I had a huge crush on her but at the time was far too shy to say anything. I did eventually work up the nerve to tell her I liked her and we were actually together for a while. Things were pretty standard after that, a handful of boy and girlfriends. As kink goes, I'll always remember my first time doing anything Domme-y with a woman. I was at a play party but really wasn't feeling things that night. My friend Sean knew just thing thing to pick me up. "I know what you need. I'll find you a nice girl to spank." Ten minutes later he returned with a voluptuous woman in a blue latex dress and her Master. It all took off from there. I learned that I love doing scenes with women and try to do them frequently!

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