Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I caved and bought a Wii Fit Plus

I wanted one for a while and finally got it yesterday. I'm sore from the workouts (especially the strength ones) but it's that sexy "I did something good for once!" sore. It's extra nice because it adds a little something different to my routine. My real goal though is to move to a place where I can either set up my own aerial gym (which pretty much involves scoring big and buying my own place) or be close to a place that teaches aerial arts.

If you've never been able to see aerial arts done live, fix that! I went through a brief Cirque du Soleil phase back in 09 and later that year was able to see both aerial hoop and silks done when I saw Emilie Autumn. It's pretty sexy stuff.

(Source: IAmALewisCarrollPoem

Expect to see some sexy cirque stuff in the future!

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