Monday, March 14, 2011

Career Opportunities

A short while ago I asked people this question:

If you had to pick an alternative career, what would you pick?

I only defined "alternative" if someone asked as "something not the norm". Now, I had all sort of things in my head: tv show host, almost anything on Dirty Jobs, etc. When I got my answers almost everyone chose something in the sex industry. The other popular answer was assassin.

What is it with our obsession of sex and death? Is it that forbidden allure? Money? Hollywood glamorization? In the movies the hookers always have gorgeous clients and the assassins kick ass in sexy body suits. Seriously, who didn't watch Kill Bill and want to pick up a samurai sword?

The most common answers I got were stripper and dominatrix. America is schizophrenic when it comes to sex. We hold puritanical views and freak out when nipples are exposed on tv yet its influence is everywhere in our media. Sex tapes get as much media attention as the next movie where Michael Bay blows shit up. Still, when most people are quick to call strippers "sluts" and Pro Dommes "whores" with utter contempt in their voices.

Is our secret desire to pursue these careers a reflection of our desire to express our sexuality in a society that tries to stifle that behavior?

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