Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Toy Box

Here are some of my favorite toys:

Floggers - My first real intro to floggers was at a party. I was familiar with them but had never used them or had them used on me. Let me tell you, it's wonderful. They can be made to have more of a stinging feeling or more of a thud. Of course after the beatings running them lightly over flesh feels amazing.

Vampire Gloves - These aptly named gloves are one of my absolute favorite things ever. Run your nails lightly over your skin. Feel good? Of course it does. These gloves have tiny spikes on them and give you that same sensation as having someone lightly run their nails over your skin. Scary name but at least for me, these are for playing nice. :)

Rope - I'll admit it. I'm a rope addict. Gimme 15, 30, 50 feet of that 6mm nylon goodness. When someone puts me in a harness that rope feels like a favorite well worn t-shirt. Did I mention it looks fucking amazing too?

Suspension is another aspect of rope that has to be experienced. Wanna fly? Get suspended and see how quickly you get addicted to it. Another great thing about rope is the knots. You can tie them anywhere.


And of course the knots lend themselves well to...

The Hitachi - Here's why:
1. Get (SAFELY) tied up with some knots down in your lower area with at least on over your clit.
2. Turn Hitachi on an press against one of the knots
3. You're welcome

And those are some of my favorite toys!

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