Thursday, April 14, 2011


"Let's set a goal that in two years we'll only be able to talk dirty to each other in French."

That's what Jason said to me during a conversation about the French we used to know (grew up learning it but lost it when my parents divorced) and our shared desire to pick up the language again. I have to admit, it's an excellent incentive. Of course this is also where my mind runs away from me and I imagine leading him on an elaborate treasure hunt with little cards with phrases or words in French which would lead him to his next clue or destination. Érotique, non?

Anyway, I'm working through Livemocha, old French textbooks and every Audrey Tautou film I can find to get as much re-exposure to the language as I can get. My Facebook is in french and I'm even considering buying a few french cookbooks. Learn french and how to cook. I'll be a domestic Goddess in no time! (Me? Yeah right!)

At the very least I'll be on my path to being the multilingual diva I've always wanted to be. Knowledge is sexy and who doesn't want to be seduced by a french maid who actually speaks French?

Oh la la!

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