Friday, April 8, 2011

Things That Make Your Goddess Happy

In addition to regular whoredom I'm also an admitted fashion whore. At a party earlier this year I saw an incredible girl in a green vinyl corset and accompanying petal skirt. The shine of the green was so alluring and the short leaflike petals of the skirt were just long enough to leave you yearning for more. I immediately wanted two things:

1. To fuck her senseless.

2. To run off with her outfit for my own devilish purposes.

Naked is sexy but clothing can me too. In fact, a $50 Amazon gift card from a very lovely friend has me one step closer to a fashion item I've long been coveting.

The ballet heel.

Non ballet ladies, if you think your heels kill your feet, don't ever dance en pointe. Ballet heels take the beauty (and sexiness if you're turned on by ballet like I am) of pointe shoes and turn the sex and kink dials up to 11. The come in all sort of styles ranging from ankle length to thigh high but the uniting factor is the roughly 7 inch heel that puts wearers on the tips of their toes.

Sex. Pure, erotic sex.

They also play into one of my favorite fantasies. I've always walked on my toes. When I was younger I'd always break in new shoes by walking on the tips. Pointe shoes are some of my favorite things ever. I also have quite the Domme streak. I've never had a slave or a sub but I've always loved the idea of locking up my sub and leaving to go run errands in a sex latex outfit and, you guessed it, ballet heels. The idea of going out while everyone stares and knows I'm up to no good thrills me. Knowing that there's someone back home completely dependent on me is thrilling as well.

Basically, I'd wear those fucking shoes any and every chance I have. If you've got it flaunt it.


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