Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I'm not "better than that"

I talked to Jason about my desire to do sex work. He was less than enthusiastic.

"I would be uncomfortable with're better than that."

Am I? No, it's not a self esteem thing. It's the fact that that statement insinuates that those involved in sex work are lesser people. I find nothing about my desire to do sex work lowering or degrading. I'm an intelligent, college educated woman who is already planning out her 2nd degree. If anything, I'd be proud to do sex work because I'm working to break the stereotype that all sex workers were abused growing up and were forced into the industry by men or financial situations. Yes, there are women forced into it by circumstances and it's certainly not something I think is right. A person should be allowed to go into whatever occupation one wants without coercion or shame. It's exactly what I want too, the ability to pursue sex work without people telling me I'm lowering myself of immediately assuming I'm "broken".

It's something I'm trying to help Jason to understand. I get the uncomfortable thing, that was expected. I just want him to at least realize that I'm not lowering myself by wanting to do this. We're both very sex positive people and he's had no issue prior with other people seeing my body.

Will he come around and be ok with my desire to cam? Maybe, maybe not. However, if I can at least get him to see things from my side and realize the people involved in this industry are just as valid and worthwhile as any other person in the world, I'll be happy.

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